What We Do

TAHG aims to spark self-love and kindness in our youth through fashion and creative initiatives. We think it’s important to bring an element of fun to the social projects we partake in. Here are some cool projects we have been a part of:

Inner City Mission for Children, Ilupeju, Nigeria.

Change starts with you and me, that's why TAHG is partnered with Inner City Mission Charity so that with every item you purchase, less-privileged kids in Nigeria get access to education. 

OLE Water Drive Campaign, Borno, Nigeria.

Around 130,000 children under the age of 5 die annually from preventable water-borne diseases with over 65% living in rural areas.

So, last year August, TAHG sponsored a football tournament that raised money to provide access to clean, safe water to the most vulnerable and affected communities in Borno State. It was a fun-filled event with players in TAHG branded jerseys, lots of food, music performances, and prizes for the tournament winners. The outcome and results were so successful that the team is currently in the process of building a 3rd borehole that will serve more than 15,000 people in a community.

Karma Voucha Loughborough University Campus, United Kingdom.

In 2016, TAHG started an initiative called, Karma Voucha, at Loughborough University to feed the homeless.

In partnership with Loughborough's finest Indochinese restaurant, Kura Kura who were happy to help feed the homeless too! In exchange for every voucher brought in, one hot plate was given to the homeless. It was an amazing turnout of so many people who enjoyed coming out to spread positivity. I'm sure the free drink as a reward for helping out had something to do with it. We all need a little motivation sometimes! ;)

Social Media- February RAK Challenge by TAHG. 

February is known as the ‘Month of Love’ so this year TAHG started a Random Act of Kindness social media challenge with the hashtag #TAHGsFebruaryChallenge with the aim to spread love and positivity every single day of the month of February. New day, New challenge, and people from all over the world would respond with videos and photos of the little bits of good they were up to every day. In the midst of all the chaos going on in the world, it’s good to know there's some good out there. At TAHG, we are beacons of light in every dark room.