The TAHG Club

"We are beacons of light in this dark world. Our presence will produce a positive ripple of events "- Chia, Founder of TAHG

We are a movement of fashion enthusiasts who want to make a difference. We exude positive energy wherever we are and we are spreading into each corner of the earth fast. We are the missing piece presented at the perfect moment of need. Like a perfectly wrapped gift that shows up by mere serendipity. Like heroes in disguise, we have taken up a life-long challenge to do ONE GOOD THING FOR A STRANGER EACH DAY.

Like a candle sharing its light, it doesn't matter how many other candles it lights up, it still burns bright. The more it shares, the brighter the room.

The more TAHG club members, the brighter the world! So join us..


We're looking for University and High School students across the country to join our team. Got 5 minutes? (Click here to Apply Now!)


- The chance to win a trip to LAGOS.

- First to know about new products & promotions

- Chance to win free gear & prizes

- Join the worldwide TAHG Club members community

- Personal discounts & Member packs

- Be featured on our social media pages

- Real-life marketing experience


- Spread the movement on your campus

- Compete in weekly challenges

- Be active on Social media

- Want to make a difference