9th February 2017

Your first thought is probably "who doesn't?" It may surprise you but not everyone cares to have excessive piles and piles of cash (I'm not one of them BTW lol). I want so much that I don't know what else to do with it. But I mean, that's ridiculous! of course there's always something to buy or do with money. Whether its to:

Splurge, cars, houses, Food, charity, vacation, migration

You naaaaame it! Haha

I won't lie, I'd probably spend on those things too but being rich means different things to different people. There is a fine line that separates society's idea of rich from mine. It's called, 'intention'

I'll explain..

I want to live a Rich Life - One that's full of life, love and adventure. One where there are no limitations to my ability or creativity. One where money is not a factor for delay or failure. How many of us can't even fathom bringing some ideas to life because you don't have enough capital to start or you're scared it won't make enough revenue to sustain itself? Or maybe its a really cool invention you just want to see fruition in the world and has nothing to do with making money. [Am I resonating with any fellow creatives out there?] It costs so much to even live in good health. Your basic 5-a-day costs 10x more than a cancer-filled fast food bite.


*Private thought to self*

"Who created this paper-thing called 'money' anyway? The person/people made sure the world could do damn near nothing without it. I wish I came up with an idea as worldwide-impacting as that"


Like damn, is money a conspiracy or just a really damn good idea? (Anyway, I digress. Let's not get my conspiracy theorist readers all riled up)

I just want to live a life where my only limitation to anything is by choice not because "I can't afford it"

Saying those 4 words frustrate me more than that sometimes-painful bit of loose skin at the bottom of your nail. Aaargh! (If you know, you know. If you don't, never mind. Read on lol) I've recently learned at church and from the great Robert Kiyosaki that 'Thoughts become words and words become reality'. So now I say "How can I afford it?" instead. One of the two thoughts limit the mind, the other gives the opportunity to come up with a solution.

This is not to say that my aim in life is to make lots and lots of money (not that it's a bad thing, bcos uurrm I actually hope to), quite the opposite in fact. I hope to make money the 'by-product' of my goals. I doubt Bill Gates' aim in life was to make billions of $$$. If he lost all his money today, he won't say "right!, microsoft doesn't make money anymore, I'm going to dump it and look for the next thing that does" You don't eat food because your sole aim is to take a sh*t right? (Or do you? Oh well, me and my friends don't lol) Going to the loo is inevitable if you 'eat well'. I eat because I (more than) enjoy it. It nourishes my body and soul. My point is, quality always beats quantity. Value always beats profit. Mohammed Ali will always be more significant than Mayweather. Catch my drift?

In other words, aim to be the best at what you love to do and money will come regardless! Why does it sound like this advice is for you when its totally for myself..?


Chase the vision, not the money; the money will end up following you. - Tony Hseih

Affirmation Of the Day

My goal is to be the best at what I do. Money does not imprison my goals, thoughts or ideas. It is but a by-product of my intentions.

My intentions are rich so the by-product is rich.

Peace and Love

- Chia x