About Us

At TAHG, we strongly believe in the power of human connection. 

The jigsaw puzzle in our logo represents everyday human interactions and the red piece stands out to represents YOU as the missing piece to another's struggle. We all wish the world would change for the better, but it's time for us to be the change that makes the world better. YOU are the missing piece to that lady's smile on the bus with a frown on her face, YOU are the hope for that kid that can't afford lunch at school.

Change starts with you and me that's why in collaboration with Inner City Mission for Children, every item you purchase helps provide education to less-privileged kids. So, wear our red jigsaw with pride as a mark of identity and a reminder to fill in someone's missing piece today.

Style-up nice while impacting lives. Now that's a trend worth starting!

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We're doing our part, now it's your turn..

TAHG.. you're IT!